Thursday, January 5, 2017

Did You Know? - We Color Your World


Here at My Favorite Things, it's our goal to give you everything that you need to get the most out of your paper crafting experience. We work hard to think of all of the things that you need to learn, grow, be inspired, and get organized. 

We Color Your World

We live in a colorful world, and here at My Favorite Things, we're proud to offer a veritable rainbow of colors from which to choose. Perhaps you're on the hunt to find the perfect shade of green or red (or yellow or blue, etc.). It's likely you'll find what you need with us! Let's take a look at some of the ways we help you create in vivid technicolor!

When you're looking for the PERFECT color for whatever you're making — whether it be card stock or ink, we have a vast library of colors that should help you in your selection. We provide printable PDFs with our entire color family as seen below.


Perhaps you'd like to see one of our color families side-by-side to compare? Oh, yes. We have those, too! Below you can see all 17 shades of green we offer. You'll find this and other color comparison charts in 10 different color families HERE.


If you want to keep yourself organized with a record of what inks (or card stocks) you already have from MFT, we have blank PDFs like the one that you see below that you can fill out. This allows you to see what you have and what you don't which makes shopping a little easier. *wink* It's also a great reference when you want to grab just the right color. You can find this chart and others HERE.


Our images are SUPER fun to color, and if you're a Copic user, we have just what you've been looking for! Download and print this handy Copic Color Matches reference chart and skip the nonsense of trying to figure it out for yourself.


If you've got a stash of Elizabeth Craft Design Microfine Glitter, we've got a color match chart for that, too! We want to make your crafting easy AND fun.


All of our patterned paper packs are designed using the different shades and hues of the MFT color family. To help you in color selection, we provide handy color reference guides for all of our patterned papers. And here's what's SUPER awesome about them! These downloadable reference guides come in a 5 3/4" square size that you can put on the back of the patterned paper pack for quick color matching. Brilliant! If you like the full size 8 1/2" x 11" size, we provide those as well. Find all of the Patterned Paper Packs Reference Guides HERE.

Sweet Celebration

Sometimes it's fun to stretch yourself with a challenge, and twice a month we host a color challenge right here on the MFT Challenge & Inspiration Blog. Visit us every 2nd and 4th Thursday for fresh new color combinations, inspiration from the design team, and the opportunity to participate as well as the chance to win up to a $20 gift card from MFT! Pictured below is our current color challenge. Be sure to join us!

We already have 60 color challenges under our belts, and of course we have you in mind! When you're short on color inspiration, you can head to our Printable Resources section on the blog and find all of our color challenges in PDF form. Download it, print it, and hang it up in your craft area for quick color ideas. You can find the link HERE. We update this document every time there's a new challenge!

And now you KNOW! 
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