Tuesday, August 1, 2017

You've Been Spotted - August 1, 2017

Each week we see fantastic projects featuring My Favorite Things product, and we're always so thrilled to see what our customers and followers are creating!

Today, we'd like to shine the spotlight on some awesome projects that have caught our attention in another edition of You've Been Spotted

If you see your project featured, feel free to post this image on your blog and link to this post to show the world that you were spotted by My Favorite Things!

Rachel Alvarado

Mermaids! Seagulls! Ocean Pals! Rachel has combined them to great effect on this box card features the Beach Scene Builder scenery. Check out how she used the waves to create layers of depth and the aquarium effect she created in the front panel — mind-blowingly cool!

Paul used Warm & Fuzzy Friends to craft this campy look. A couple things of note that are inspiring me: the fabulous tent pattern, and the multiple layers he's created around his frame — the trees direct-stamped on the panel, the fox and sign on top of the frame, and the owl and campfire he's suspended on fine thread to provide for some movement.

Doodled Blooms looks amazing in vibrant shades of color but Michele's brought some sophistication to this whimsical set by introducing a monochromatic palette.

Brianna's look is DINO-SIZED fun. This effective technique is so easy to use with other images in your collection. A simple patterned panel is punctuated by a peek-a-boo window for our dino to pop out from. I love the concentrated area of color she's created with her window, tree, and dinosaur.

Stitched Flowers, the Wavy Coloring Book Background, and Grateful for You are completely unexpected and totally fabulous together. From Neha's bold color choices to her subtle background, this is a card that will be treasured by its recipient.

Which design is your favorite this week? Be sure to leave these talented folks some love. And who knows? You might be spotted sometime soon!


  1. Thank you for Spotting and Sharing me :)

  2. Wow. All these design are the perfect one and I hope that using these, we can become able to make something good.

  3. Very cute projects. Smile-makers for sure.

  4. It's impossible to pick a favorite! Each card is so well done. Thanks for sharing.