MFT Challenge & Inspiration Team

Alice Wertz – Northern California

I was born and raised in Taiwan, and though I go by Alice, my legal first name is Li-Husan. I started making cards about seven years ago and still love every minute of it! Before then, I liked to knit and crochet, and I fell in love with glass blowing when I took a class one semester in college. I couldn't believe how much I fun it was!  As a card maker I love coloring with Copic makers, but I do get inky every once in a while. 

Alice’s blog: Alice's {Little} Wonderland

Erin Lee Schreiner – Dallas, TX Y’all

I was born and raised in Kansas and graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Advertising and a minor in Dance. (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!) I am married to my high school sweetheart and together we have two beautiful children, Dakota and Dylan, 2 dogs and a cat. I started paper crafting in 2008, and I absolutely adore stamps, dies, and ink! In my spare time, you can find me bird watching, drinking Dr. Pepper, shopping and traveling.

Erin’s blog: Erin Lee Creative

Jill Dewey Hawkins – Suburban Chicago

If crafty was a superpower, I’d want a cape. With a degree in Architecture, I have a huge appreciation for details and graphics. I love having a creative outlet at the end of the day, or during a day (bonus!). Crafting brings me joy—either by creating something I love (or even something I don’t), having others enjoy a card or just learning something new. I’m continually amazed and inspired by others. Hop into a community of crafters, and you can’t help but smile!

Jill’s blog: Fastest Turtle

Miriam Prantner – Washington, DC Area

I've been crafting ever since my mom needed something to keep me busy, which is to say, a long time!  I love to explore new techniques and styles.  For me that's the fun part of creating:  learning and trying new things.  While I'm generally impatient by nature, there's something about the creative process that allows me to slow down and spend a day (or even a couple days!) working at a project until I have it just right. 

Miriam’s blog: Sooner Rather Than Later

Vera Wirianta Yates – Southern Texas

Though I go by Vera, sometimes people call me by my nickname, Ling (which is where my blog name comes from). My love for paper crafting started with my love for writing letters. In junior high, I'd decorate my letters and envelopes with stickers or some kind of doodles. As I grew, I found scrapbooking and later card making. For me card making is therapeutic because it gives me a break from working with numbers. I love making simple and cheerful cards.

Vera’s blog: Ling’s Design Studio

Veronica Zalis – Beautiful Hot Springs, AR

I inherited my craftiness from both of my parents. I grew up falling asleep to the sound of my mother’s sewing machine working deep into the night.  My father has always loved color, and many an afternoon was spent sitting at the kitchen table with a set of paints and blank sheets of paper. In 2003, I was invited to a neighborhood card swap, and it’s been full steam ahead since then. What I love about stamping is putting stamps, ink, and paper together to create something beautiful.  What I love most about stamping are the friendships I have made along the way. 

Veronica’s blog: So Many Stamps So Little Time

MFT Challenge & Inspiration Creative Ambassador

Susan R. Opel – Michigander living in Utah

I’m creative and competitive by nature, and it stems from my childhood when my parents and older siblings taught me about the world through music, books, poetry, art, sports, and love. After many years in junior high and high school classrooms as an English, art, and religion teacher (as well as cheerleading coach), I took my hobby (scrapbooking/paper crafting) and my English degree and became Creative Editor for Paper Crafts magazine. It’s there that I connected with creative people all over the globe leading to this blog hosted by My Favorite Things. Get ready to create with some of the best people and product! And as a bonus, you get ME as your biggest cheerleader.


  1. Such a lovely group of creative friends here, congrats to all of you!

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