Tuesday, February 28, 2017

You've Been Spotted - February 28, 2017

Each week we see fantastic projects featuring My Favorite Things product, and we're always so thrilled to see what our customers and followers are creating!

Today, we'd like to shine the spotlight on some awesome projects that have caught our attention in another edition of You've Been Spotted

If you see your project featured, feel free to post this image on your blog and link to this post to show the world that you were spotted by My Favorite Things!

Stitched Flowers and Tiny Checks scream spring. I love Zsofia's clean and simple design (inspired by a recent sketch challenge) and the detail of the graduated color choices for her flowers 🌼🌸🌺

Space Explorer has inspired some of *the* most gorgeous background work I've seen and this version from Steve is yet another example. The astronaut tethered to his rocket to prevent him from floating off into space is such a great touch!

Fancy Flowers fantastically flushed with beautiful hues and a deft hand - that's what I see on Anika's show-stopping look! Her placement of the flowers is so nice and creates beautiful balance between the stark top half and bedecked bottom.

What can be said about Sally's brilliant dimensional box scene featuring Birdie Brown's Mon Chéri other than ooh la la? If Paris is on your bucket list but currently out of reach, perhaps a foray into stamping can appease your wanderlust...just for a bit.

I seriously adore how Vanessa's beautifully blended background features the same colors as that sweet feline from Purr-fect Friends without camouflaging it. The Stitched Rectangle Scallop Frame provides a pretty finishing touch.

Which design is your favorite this week? Be sure to leave these talented folks some love. And who knows? You might be spotted sometime soon!

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